lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013

Complete Deinstall/Remove Oracle 11gR2

Imagine that you have an Oracle database 11gR2 installed. That database is working but you don't need it anymore and need that space.

That manual is made on windows 7 64 bits but the procedure is simililar on Unix so you can use this guide.

Oracle provides an useful tool called "deinstall tool" for standalone, RAC, ASM Oracle installations. You can find Deinstall Tool under ORACLE_HOME\deinstall\If you don't have it you can go to this link and download it:
ORACLE DOWNLOADS --> Under Oracle Database 11gR2, click "See all" and look for "Oracle De-Install Utility".

1) Deinstall tool will stop Oracle software, and removes Oracle software and configuration files on the operationg system for a specifil Oracle Home. If you are running an Oracle grid infraestructure for a standalon server, then the deinstaller prompts you to run script to deconfigure Oracle Restart.

2)Go to your Oracle_home --> deinstall
or Oracle_home --> grid --> deinstall if you are under grid infraestructure and execute deinstall.bat.

deinstall tool use the following sintax (if you want execute manually):

deinstall.bat -home complete path of Oracle home [-silent] [-checkonly] [-local]
[-cleanupOBase] [-paramfile complete path of input parameter property file] [-params name1=value name2=value . . .]
[-o complete path of directory for saving files] [-help]

Just answer the questions and wait until finish.

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